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Learn an easier-to-follow approach to creating a successful, personal business brand.

Course + Mentoring Overview

This step-by-step program provides the tools, templates and missing pieces you'll need - along with an entire year of group training where you can have your questions answered during the monthly, video training sessions.


This course and program is structured in such as way to help you build a complete marketing and sales system around your strengths (instead of someone else's). Some of the best products in today's market are included to help you build an effective online presence in 1/10 the time it takes the average entrepreneur. 

  • Build an authority site (in any niche) that stands out

  • Build a community of happy subscribers

  • Get free publicity in your local media

  • Develop a positive reputation in social media circles

What You'll Get

You'll receive the complete training. Everything is designed to get right to the point instead of bogging you down with useless data. Plus, you'll receive an entire year's worth of powerful group training. 

The Big Picture Plan

When I first started online, I did everything myself. Being a detailed oriented person, everything took longer than it should have.

How To Choose Content Topics

You'll learn the mistakes that I made in the past that kept some of my high ranking sites from making a profit. 

Setting Up Your SEO Tools

We'll set up all the SEO tools to run in the background so you can focus on the most profitable aspects of running your business.

Copywriting Templates Included

You don't have to become a master copywriter to sell online. That said, you'll get the templates to help you sell using "your own voice."

How To Use Google Trends

Keep on top of what's hot and what's not without investing hours of time and energy doing exhaustive research

How To Properly Setup WordPress

Setup WordPress and install all of the plugins you'll need to make your site load quickly. Your site will pass the test with flying colors!

The "One Page" Marketing Plan

I learned marketing the hard, expensive way. You won't have to. I'll teach you to build around your existing strengths. (I wish I'd done this when I first started).

Page Builder Templates

You'll receive my collection of premium template designs that will make changing or updating any page on your website easy to do - with just a few clicks!

Monthly Video Training

If you get stuck, I'll answer your questions via live video training each and every month (holidays excluded). 


I've worked with people from a variety of backgrounds, professions and industries over the past 19-years. 

Roger Audey


Jimmy's knowledge is obvious, however, what truly sets him apart is the personal interest he has taken in helping me change my career, and life. I never could have done this without his help and guidance.

Gina Babcock

Business Owner

Jim is amazing to work with - he is knowledgeable, energetic, professional, motivating and honest. He explains everything about your project in detail, and he makes the process (from beginning to completion) easy to understand. Jim is always available with guidance and reassurance. His company's customer service is unmatched.

Melissa Wandall


Thank you for your great Talent! I could not have come this far without all of your help with all of my websites! Grateful to you always!

Orla Kelly


Jimmy has taken me from clueless to clued in. I finally understand what I need to do to move from concept through development to delivery of an online business and have done this in under 3 months of coaching with Jimmy.

His patience, dedication, knowledge and understanding has been paramount to me getting a business up and running and I intend to work with him on further developing my business into the future."

Marsha Fottler

Writer / Editor

Jimmy took a dream that two women had to create a new publication dedicated to the pleasures of the table and he transformed that vision into a dynamic online monthly publication. Jimmy's award-winning expertise, his guidance, and long experience in the industry are well known to professionals where he is respected as an author of e-books, and creator of Websites that have power in the marketplace because of his navigation skills.

Jeff Trewhella

I have never worked with anyone who was more knowledgeable, generous, and helpful than Jimmy Krug. Jimmy gives his students all he has--and that is a hell of a lot. If you need help with your online business, Jimmy Krug is your man.
About The Author

I’m a third-generation entrepreneur and own a variety of online real-estate including – a web development service, a publicity service and a bulk email sending service. My work as led to interviews with the Wall Street Journal, CBS News in New York and local TV.

Jimmy Krug

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What if I'm started from scratch?

This course will help you! All the pieces are laid out for you to have a strong online presence centered around your own website.

Is there anything else to buy with this course?

Only your basic "online overhead" such as your domain name, webhosting, etc. MailChimp is recommended for beginners as an email platform because if free to have up to 2,000. There are endless "extras" you can buy to help your online business, but none of these are necessary to be successful with this program.

I have a few questions I'd like to ask you directly before buying. Is that possible?

Sure, I'll answer whatever questions you may have. Click here and send me a message directly 🙂